Amazon is updating Kindles

Amazon is carrying out a software update for its Kindle, Paperwhite and Oasis devices that could make them easier to use. The organization announced the changes will be showing up in the coming weeks for Kindles eighth generation and later, Paperwhites seventh generation and newer just as the Oasis line.

In the first place, the update would permit you to swipe down from the screen to change show brightness, toggle Airplane, Bluetooth and Sync modes and go to All Settings. A new base route bar will let you switch between Home, Library and the book you’re currently reading.

In the not so distant future, the organization said “an improved Home and Library experience” is additionally coming that will offer a revamped Library with “new filter and sort menus, a new collections view and an interactive parchment bar.” The updated Home gateway will feature a Recently Read section that stores up to 20 items, which you can access by swiping left.

Earlier this year, Amazon additionally added the capacity to set a book cover as your Kindle’s screensaver (for those without promotions) and enabled faster downloads. Kindles are the most well known e-readers around and have ordinarily run a genuinely essential operating system that can sometimes be difficult to navigate. These coming updates probably won’t be a huge overhaul, however they do make normal apparatuses easier to discover.

Kindles often feel a little fiddly. For example, contacting the top piece of the screen to open the settings can sometimes close the book instead. The software update should make route a great deal smoother. As far as one might be concerned, exchanging between Home and Library or the current book will be done utilizing the lower part of the screen, separating it from the settings entirely. Shutting your book accidentally will not be as normal, and users will have more direct access to the menus they use most. To open the Settings, users will swipe down from the highest point of the device. Essential settings like Brightness and Airplane mode will remain at the high level, where users can get to them rapidly.

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