Den of Thieves 2 Will Start Filming in Early 2022

As indicated by Gerard Butler, Den of Thieves 2 is set to start creation in mid 2022. Den of Thieves was delivered in 2018. It followed Butler’s ‘Enormous Nick’ O’Brien, the top of a first class unit inside the LA County Sheriff’s Department, attempting to stop the state’s best bank looters before they can hit the Federal Reserve Bank. Steward imparted the screen to Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Brian Van Holt. Den of Thieves was composed and coordinated by Christian Gudegast, who recently wrote Butler’s 2016 Fallen establishment spin-off, London Has Fallen. Surveys for Den of Thieves were mediocre, however it procured enough in the cinematic world to warrant a spin-off, which hopes to start shooting soon.

While talking with UNILAD to advance his new film Copshop, Butler shared a report on the situation with Den of Thieves 2. Steward then, at that point talked about plot subtleties that will see his person going to Europe on the chase for Donnie, O’Shea Jackson Jr’s. character from the main film who moved away. The creation appears to have likewise hardened shooting areas as Butler referenced a few objections, like London and Marseilles.

Gudegast is returning as author and chief for the continuation, which is as of now named Den of Thieves 2: Pantera. Steward, who likewise fills in as a maker on the venture, is getting back to the job of ‘Large Nick’, and it as of now seems as though 50 Cent and Jackson are set to repeat their jobs. While an official summary still can’t seem to be delivered, Butler’s remarks highlight a story far eliminated from the first’s coarse Los Angeles wrongdoing adventure. Den of Thieves 2 at present doesn’t have a delivery date, however more subtleties on the spin-off will be approaching if recording can get in progress one year from now.

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