Everything We Know About Google Pixel 6 So Far

It’s beginning to seem like the Google Pixel 6 could be the most captivating Pixel telephone in quite a while, with the organization apparently bouncing back from its 2020 droop year that saw the not exactly fascinating Pixel 4a, 4a 5G and 5.

Indeed, even the new Pixel 5a was a recognizable inclination telephone, however by what reports recommend – and what Google itself has said – the Pixel 6 addresses a major move forward for the organization.

Google has authoritatively uncovered these handsets, and they look actually like the holes anticipated: smooth gadgets with a visor-like camera block that parts the back cover in two.

That is by all account not the only intriguing thing about them however, as the Google Pixel 6 territory has been affirmed to pack an in-house chipset interestingly – one that we haven’t found in some other telephone. It’s called Google Tensor, and the organization has advertised up all that the new telephones can do with the new custom silicon.

There’s parts we don’t think about the Google Pixel 6 however, so we’re looking out for a ‘full’ disclosing.

These telephones could interest a wide crowd as well, with the Pixel 6 perhaps being mid-range like the Pixel 5, while the Pixel 6 Pro may be a top notch gadget like the Pixel 4. We don’t have much in the method of specs or valuing yet, however we’re anxious to discover.

We probably won’t have an excessive amount of longer to hang tight for the Google Pixel 6 territory either, as while the specific delivery date is obscure, Google affirmed it will dispatch in ‘fall 2021’ (which means September, October or November) in the US, so it’s probably going to land in or around October like its archetype, perhaps close by Android 12.

While Google has authoritatively uncovered a bit of data, leakers have gotten down to business on the Google Pixel 6, and we’re hearing new data about the gadget constantly. You can look on down for all the significant data we’ve heard up until this point, including the main authority Pixel 6 pictures.

Hope to look further into the Google Pixel 6 as the months go on, and we’ll keep this article refreshed, so inquire routinely.

The Google Pixel 6 delivery date has been affirmed to be in ‘fall 2021’ (which means September – November) in the US (Q3 to Q4 2021 somewhere else).

One gossip says it will appear on September 13, a day prior to the iPhone 13, yet that sounds progressively impossible. Another recommends the real date being referred to is October 28, an astonishing 45 days after the fact, so as you can figure there’s some variety in assessments.

Right now, we think later is practically sure dependent on what Google has done previously. October is presumably the smartest option, however we truly don’t know without a doubt right now.

With respect to value, that is a bit harder to figure, on the grounds that while the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 were more superior contributions, the Pixel 5 is a mid-ran telephone, and we couldn’t say whether Google will stick in that value reach or return to the top end.

For reference, the Pixel 5 expense $699/£599/AU$999 so perhaps we could see a comparable cost once more. All things considered, considering that there’s a Pixel 6 Pro too, we may see both a mid-range Pixel 6 and a top of the line Pro model, with the last most likely costing much more than the Pixel 5.

While we actually don’t have an authority cost for one or the other telephone, Google equipment leader Rick Osterloh was cited in Der Spiegel as saying the Pixel 6 ‘has a place in the upper portion’ of telephones as a ‘standard premium item.’

The Pixel 6 Pro, then again, Osterloh said ‘will be costly.’ Given that he said the most recent two years of Google telephones (counting the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4) weren’t contending in the lead market fragment, Osterloh might be recommending that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be pricier than we anticipated.

In the mean time, the most recent word from the creation line is that Google has requested a great deal of these telephones – so it ought to be broadly and promptly accessible.

Google formally uncovered the Pixel 6 in a progression of tweets toward the beginning of August – and the organization basically affirmed the plan releases that streamed out through 2021.

There’s a camera block that stumbles into the width of the back, sticking out, and a three-tone shading plan in a scope of choices. The picture above shows both the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, with the Pro model having more space over the camera block.

That camera block has lustrous silver edges on the Pixel 6 Pro and matte dark ones on the standard Pixel 6. Flip the telephone to the front and you can see an all-screen plan with a selfie camera in a focal poke hole. The front is noticeable in the tweet video beneath.

Google was light on screen specs, yet as indicated by Marques Brownlee (a YouTuber who got active time with the telephones) the Pixel 6 Pro has a somewhat bended 120Hz screen of around 6.7 inches, while the standard Pixel 6 has a more modest 90Hz level screen.

Past that we’re in spill an area for extra plan and show subtleties, with one source guaranteeing that the Google Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.67-inch bended AMOLED show, and measurements of 163.9 x 75.8 x 8.9mm (with a 11.5mm camera knock), alongside double sound system speakers.

Somewhere else we’ve heard that the Pixel 6 Pro may have a QHD goal, while the Pixel 6 may have a 6.4-inch level screen. That screen size has been repeated by Jon Prosser (a leaker with a decent history), who likewise focuses to the two models utilizing OLED, and says that the Pixel 6 Pro’s screen is 6.71 inches (which is in accordance with Brownlee’s case of it being around 6.7 inches).

At the point when Google authoritatively uncovered the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro through tweet toward the beginning of August, the organization affirmed the previous will get two cameras and the last will get three shooters – with the extra being a 4x optical fax.

There wasn’t some other data from Google itself, yet Marques Brownlee (who was allowed involved time with the telephones) guarantees that the other two focal points are principle and super wide ones.

He additionally expressed that Google has changed to all new photograph sensors, for essentially the first run through since the Pixel 2, and that the Pixel 6 is probably going to offer a huge video update on the Pixel 5, on account of the new chipset (more on which further down) controlling computational photography.

Past that, a break recently proposed that we’d see a 50MP primary camera with a bigger sensor than on the Pixel 5, in addition to a 8MP periscope snapper and a super wide camera.

However, another break focuses to the Pixel 6 having a 50MP principle and 12MP super wide camera, while the Pixel 6 Pro evidently has both of those alongside a 48MP fax one. This source additionally asserts that the Pixel 6 has a 8MP selfie camera while the Pixel 6 Pro has a 12MP one.

Android 12 code additionally proposes that both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will have a 50MP fundamental camera.


Code in the Google camera application in the interim proposes that the forward looking camera on the Pixel 6 may uphold 4K video recording, which is higher goal than most selfie cameras can get.

Concerning the battery, there’s no authority news about this except for a source guarantees the Pixel 6 Pro will have a 5,000mAh one, with the Pixel 6 having a more modest one. Somewhere else we’ve heard a similar case, however this hole subtleties the Pixel 6’s battery as well, saying that it’s 4,614mAh.

We’ve likewise heard that – obviously – the telephones will uphold remote charging.

They may uphold quicker remote charging than the 12W presented by the Pixel 5 however, as proof of another remote charger has been found in Android 12 code, and there’s notice of fans – an element which helps keep the telephone and charger cool when siphoning out heaps of force. More proof was uncovered by retailers who could stock the remote charger, telling us this sort of controlling could hit 23W.

Wired charging may get a speed support as well, with one source highlighting 33W charging, up from 18W on the Pixel 5. Nonetheless, that charger will not come in the crate – indeed the Pixel 6 will not have an in-box charger by any means.

At the point when Google uncovered the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro toward the beginning of August, the organization likewise disclosed the Google Tensor – its first custom chipset, which the tech goliath proposed will work on the cameras, discourse acknowledgment, and different components – particularly further developing voice orders, interpretation, inscribing and transcription, with more things did on gadget.

As indicated by Brownlee (who got an authority take a gander at the telephone) the Tensor chipset likewise permits the Pixel 6 to decipher voice and cycle it on the gadget (as opposed to on Google workers), which considers quicker reactions from Google Assistant and other vocal interface highlights.

Neither Google nor Brownlee have said a lot regarding the force of this chipset, however bits of gossip around this chip are acquiring energy, and we’ve heard that it very well may be a 5nm one. In any case, it seems like it will not coordinate with the best Android chipsets for execution, with a source asserting it will fundamentally space between the top-end Snapdragon 888 and the more established Snapdragon 865 as far as force.

Another source has repeated these cases, saying that it matches the Snapdragon 870 for power – a chipset that is top of the line however not top-end. They added that its GPU performs well under pressure.

One report has recommended that the Tensor chipset is indeed the Samsung Exynos 9855, recently supposed however never put inside a telephone. In case that is right, the presentation of the Pixel 6 telephones would be some place in the middle of the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S22 dispatching one year from now.

We’ve likewise heard that the Pixel 6 may have 8GB of RAM and a decision of 128GB or 256GB of capacity, with the Pixel 6 Pro increasing the RAM to 12GB and offering 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of capacity. Furthermore, this source asserts that the two telephones will get somewhere around five years of programming refreshes, which is definitely more than other Android gadgets.

A benchmark for the Google Pixel 6 Pro has likewise now showed up, and this backs up the break above by posting 12GB of RAM – however the scores accomplished by the telephone are unremarkable.

Expect an under show unique mark scanner on the Google Pixel 6. A leader from Google incorporated a screen

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