The 15 best mattress sales and offers for Labor Day (2021)


We also like Allswell Luxe Hybrid for $574 ($101 off), It has three additional layers of foam and a luxurious top cover, and Supreme Hybrid US$837 (US$148 off)The latter feels like a $2,000 mattress. We have seen all three discounts are more, but we think they are still worth it.

More mattress discounts (coil + foam)

The hybrid mattress has a supporting effect, with hundreds of individually wrapped springs sandwiched between foam layers. Their coils help them have the best of both worlds, with the airflow and elasticity of a traditional box spring mattress and the comfort of memory foam.

Risa Hybrid

Photography: Lisa

Leesa Hybrid is our runner-up, although it is not As As the luxury of Helix, we think it is one of the best. It has a silky diamond-textured surface and a soft and firm decompression feel. It gently hugs your body, this comes at a price.

This discount should be automatically added to your shopping cart, but if not, please use code LABORDAY25. We have already seen this 30% discount, but if you want a stronger mattress, it is still a good choice. (Wired commentary director Jeffrey Van Camp said he would choose the medium next time instead of the firmest choice.)

Birch natural mattress

Photography: Birch

Use code LDAY400 at checkout. This price is the same as the sales price we usually see, but the base price has increased a bit. Birch is an environmentally friendly mattress, manufactured by Helix, the company behind our favorite mattress. It is made of natural latex and wool, and does not contain polyurethane foam and chemicals.

Casper is well known and its hybrid mattress is great. It is more comfortable than the brand’s all-foam option; the coil gives it more spring, airflow and support. We think there are better options out there, but if you are not sure what to get, please get this. It rarely disappoints.

This luxurious mattress is worth mentioning. It has a thick pillow top, very comfortable, similar to Helix Midnight Luxe and Allswell Supreme.

Cooling options

BedJet 3

Spray bed

Maybe you don’t need a brand new mattress. Maybe you just need to feel a little cooler to fall asleep. We have tested and liked these two options.

This is very, very expensive, and the discount is very small. If you often feel too hot at night, it is still worth it. It changes the temperature according to your body and can also track your sleep. Commenting director Jeffrey Van Camp said that the top was not super soft at first, but he was used to it and liked temperature regulation.

This is another cooling option (8/10, wired recommendation) This will take up more space in your bedroom, but the price is much cheaper. It needs a hose to run through your blanket, but it will blow cold or warm air into your body while you sleep. During major sales events, it often drops to this price.

Full foam mattress sale

Most bed sheet mattresses are made of multiple layers of memory foam, Various density and consistencyThey tend to provide better body contours, but if not designed properly, they may feel too dull or unsupportive. We prefer hybrid mattresses, but the following full-foam versions are all good choices.

Laila double-sided mattress

Photography: Laila

If you are not sure what firmness you need, ordering a mattress without trying it can be tricky. Layla gives you the option of sleeping on the medium firm side or the medium soft side, so you can choose the perfect side once or as often as you need. It also has a foam cooling layer infused with gel. In addition, it is made in the United States.

This classic pillow-style memory foam mattress is a good choice for side sleepers, but like some of the other mattresses on this list, its base price has recently increased. This is a classic memory foam mattress that fits your body but won’t sink you too deep.

Tulo mattresses are cheaper than most of the pre-discounted mattresses, and are a good choice for those who don’t want a mixed mattress. You can choose plush, firm, medium and medium hardness, as well as some thickness options (the above price is 10 inches medium).

You may be familiar with the jelly-like feel of Purple products. It is cool and airy, and it is very comfortable to sleep on. But it is not as comfortable as a hybrid mattress. Purple blending options It’s more than 800 dollars.

We prefer Casper’s Mixed mattress, But if you like this full foam product, you can also discount it.

Like Casper above, we prefer Leesa’s hybrid mattress. However, if you want to save a few dollars from this brand, this is still a comfortable choice.

Retailer sales page

Want to hunt down Labor Day sales yourself? We have collected our favorite leading retailers.

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